I have had allergy to pollen since I was a little kid. From as early as four years, I couldn't go run outside in the countryside in the summer without my skin getting red spots and itching.

As I got older, sneezing and asthma piled on. Around my teenage years, instead of the allergies getting milder, they changed. I stopped getting red flares on my body and my skin would just itch. In addition to that, allergy tests showed that I had cross allergies to lots of things, the strongest of which were nuts, citruses, wheat and others that I now, as a vegan, wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole - red fish, red meat and shellfish among else.

So, I had to get creative and think outside the norms of todays society. As a vegan mom, who always gets asked about what she can and does eat, i have decided to share more information and ideas for parents, kids and anyone who feels that they would like to gain some knowledge about vegan nutrition with strings.

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